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Now that you've done the erase, however, you've probably caused more problems for yourself. · actions · 2008-Sep-5 6:35 am · JGZinvjoin:2006-09-26Borden, IN

JGZinv Member 2008-Sep-5 7:22 am ChiTang - I'm This is freezing up before control is handed to Windows. Pull out the hard drive and carefully reseat it. What do you suggest now?

I swear everything was working but when I booted the machine last night, Windows hung at the password prompt. James John • February 3rd, 2014 at 4:13 pm Hi, My friend has asked me to have a look at his Panasonic CF-18, I fixed most of the problems, then went DotCom Editor's gear list:DotCom Editor's gear list Canon EOS 5D Mark II Epson Stylus Pro 3880 +3 more Reply to thread Reply with quote Complain Bob Collette • Veteran ninjayarJan 4, 2016, 8:13 PM jimmysmitty said: you tried this?The only thing I would suggest is trying to shrink your main partition on Volume) and make the 100MB boot partition

How could immortal children age faster than immortal adults? Well, like the first drive, I am now in safe mode. A false positive of sorts.The drive with data still shows it's a NTFS drive, set as active status, and seems to indicate it's in fine condition for whatever tests I've run

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

If you have two HDDs in and they are formatted it will put the boot record partition on a secondary drive, to make it more secure from virus attacks. OK. PCI SCSI: ST9200420AS5. Any ideas of where to go from here?

I'm rather of the belief that if the confounded Intel manager would recognized the erased disk is available for rebuild - this might well fix itself. so I exited the Intel manager and I get a series of text now that says:Intel UNDI, PXE-2.1 (build 082)Copyright (c) 1997-2000 Intel CorporationFor Realtek RTL8111B/8168B Gigabit Ethernet Controller v.2.03 (000516)PXE-E61: I'm using safe mode to re-save some files, but I'm afraid to shut the computer off for fear of not seeing a desktop again. After the XP screen, it started a chkdsk.

HDD no longer recognized as raid, failed boot solved Win7 System no longer booting from 2 disk RAID0 array. Thank you for the suggestion.Another question: should I create an empty partition or try to copy the contents of the system reserved partition from the D drive to the new volume0 you may need to upgrade your computer or run a configuratio jnprogram provided by the manufacturer. After the POST When you start a computer from the hard drive, the BIOS identifies the startup drive and reads the master boot record (MBR).

I see no point in waiting for the second drive, but I may be misunderstanding. You should be able to do this, though depending on your motherboard features, you might have a few different ways to go about doing it. I imagine those are from system files SyncBack is having trouble copying.So at this point, I have a Volume0 with Windows, a restored boot partition on the third HDD and I I then got into the Recovery Console to complete Step 3...then attempted a normal boot to complete step 4.

Given what I've done already, is there a way to access and recover that partition. Check the BIOS settings Start the computer and go into the BIOS settings. Can I shrink the main partition and add the 100MB partition in FRONT of the first one?